Mar 25

Common Uses of Medical Cannabis

Medical Marijuana BenefitsThere are many uses for medical marijuana however you need to ensure you have a condition which is approved by the state to use marijuana as a medicine alternative. Even though many States are starting to progress toward legalizing the use there is still a lot of opposition.

Many people believe if they can get the point across to people regarding the benefits they would have a better chance getting it legalized. Anyway, no one can argue medical marijuana does help and there is research to prove the results, but you need to ensure it’s the right alternative for you.

Let’s get started.


Cannabis has been known to slow down the nausea feeling often associated with cancer, epilepsy, etc. There are 2 common receptors in the body which interact with the immune system and brain – C1 and C2. Marijuana has been known to intercept with these receptors and produce something known as a euphoric feeling.

With the access of this chemical it will help reduce some of the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. However, different types of people react to marijuana differently so it’s important to note NOT all people will benefit from cannabis when used for nausea.

For Appetite

Many people suffering from anorexia will take marijuana to increase their appetite. Even though this method is considered extreme it does get the job done.

Here’s something cool when studies were conducted of healthy people it was reported when people took cannabis they saw a huge increase in appetite. However, different people responded differently so the results will vary.

Calm Muscles

This is in reference to people suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis) and studies proved to be very effective. The THC found in marijuana has a calming effect.

People with MS should a decrease in muscle spasms and shaking. However, the studies were inconclusive people a few people part of the study group experienced discomfort and paranoia.

Pain Killer

Medical marijuana has been used for years as a pain killer because it increase C1 and C2 functions within the body. The brain and spinal cord are responsible for spreading pain throughout your body however when taking cannabis you where able to increase the numb feeling within your body.

With that said, it has been approved in some States as a pain killer with 80% of people showing positive results.